Cybersecurity Training at MIT

Here are 18 FREE courses from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) that will help build or sharpen your cybersecurity skills:

1. Cryptography and Cryptanalysis:
2. Advanced Topics in Cryptography:
3. Selected Topics in Cryptography:
4. Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design:
5. Network and Computer Security:
6. Computer Networks:
7. Data Communication Networks:
8. Network Optimization:
9. Introduction to Network Models:
10. Information Technology Essentials:
11. Information Technology I:
12. Introduction to Deep Learning:
13. Introduction to C++:
14. Computer Systems Security:
15. Database, Internet, and Systems Integration:
16. Computer Systems Engineering:
17. Communications and Information Policy:
18. Media Literacy in the Age of Deepfakes:

These courses can help you develop essential skills in high demand in the cybersecurity industry, such as risk assessment, threat analysis, and incident response.

By taking free MIT cybersecurity courses, you can gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help you advance your career or pursue a career in the cybersecurity field.

Thank you to Ron Sharon for compiling this list.

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