Spring 2008 Books

MKT 402 – Albuquerque

There is one required book and two packets. The prices of the packets are not available yet. The book is:

Marketing Management (13th Edition) by Phillip Kotler and Kevin Keller. The book is a recent update; the 12th Edition was published two years ago. From all indications, there are no significant differences between the two books. Both are 816 pages. So, the new edition likely corrects typos.

With that in mind, I’m going to get 12th Edition, international version. The cost on EBay is approximately $55. Click here to see what current EBay auctions are.

The new version from Amazon is $166.67. Here is the link.

GBA 412 – Groenevelt

Introduction to Econometrics (2nd Edition) by James Stock appears to be the only requirement. The cost on Amazon is $150.67 new or used starting at $79 plus shipping. Here is the link.

The cost for the new international edition on Ebay is in the $60-$65 range, including shipping. Here is the link for that.