Leaving the Country to Escape Student Loan Debt

There are so many things wrong with this report that it leaves me speechless.

For starters, if a person is only willing to pay $50 per month for a hammock in the jungle in India, similar accommodations are available in the United States.

Secondly, note the article discusses loans with payments that are $700 per month or less.  I bet these same people paid at least that much between their unnecessary car payments, cell phones, internet access, etc.

And thirdly, $700 per month (the maximum amount mentioned in this article) is only $8400 per year.  Yet the average starting salary for the LOWEST paying college degree (elementary education) is $14000 per year more than the average salary of a plain old high school graduate.

I could go on and on.  It is sad that these types of articles are written because, unfortunately, there are people who read articles like this and then decide to commit to a lifetime of minimum wage jobs after high school.