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  • Thanks- For 3 items which may make my present job easier: 1. Article on tunnel (Accessing a Linux Server). 2. OpenWRT info (SSH Access) 3. Power supply ( if pursued ). Why, you ask? I have a client who has an installed base of Lutron Caseta Modules with pico remotes. I have already asked them about their specific hardware/software situation, and did not have ‘pointers’ to OpenWRT, VPN/Tunnelling. Since the client was pretty busy, he has finally admitted that his path from access ( as far as I can guess from the questions he answered ) is cable modem, wireless router ( Google Nest variety ), Smartbridge (plugged into a router on wireless-did not say if the same as on cable modem. I have already asked about VPN/Tunnelling for his work, and the answer was ‘I do not know, yet’. You can imagine what needs to happen to make the SmartBridge work. He knows the rest of the hardware is good. Thanks again & 73

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